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the crapperific life and times of Blackdaisies

Black Daisies
19 November 1973
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Simple ways to get on my friends list:
1) Don't be a stranger. A few comments here and there will make anyone feel like you're listening and really interested into the writer has to say.
2) Keep a journal with a few public entries. Journal must not be full of hateful, degrading subjects, inside jokes or highschool hallway chatter.

3) Journals I like:
- people i know IRL :)
- photo and art journals
- indepth, well written personal diaries
- food, diet, nutrition diaries (vegetarians get a bonus)
- your political opinions. left, right, I don't care, as long as it's well informed and interesting.

everything you need to know about me could be found on my website at blackdaisies.com .

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(btw, this LJ is mixed friends-only and public. Speak friend, and enter. )